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You have happened upon my website (hopefully on purpose) that offers some of the thing I have been working on.

Most recently I have been my big band arrangements - bringing

them up to date, making the copy more readable and more enjoyable

to perform. I hope you check out my current offerings!


As a trombonist, some of my greatest joy in playing was in trombone

ensembles - no matter if it was 2 or 20.

I was always disappointed by the lack of classical works available to

purchase, and so at a young age I started writing for trombone

groups and creating big band arrangements to feature the trombone.

This website is really a late in life effort to contribute to the available literature for the trombone and for trombone groups of any size and level. There are over 700 works currently available, and I strongly believe you will not find a greater diversity of works for the trombone anywhere, nor will you find better prices from any site.

Please check out the COMPLETE DEAL, where you can own every trombone work on this site - and every work I will write in the future - for only $125.00. I know this seems incredibly cheap, but my goal is expand the library of any group or organization that wants to really have an expansive library for performance or just sight reading (while maybe recovering a little for my time).

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